Today, students and their families are challenged by the high cost of college and vocational education. In fact, college student debt has risen to a historical high of $1.9 trillion dollars (yes that is trillion). For many students, it isn't enough to simply qualify for a university or college, complete all applications and requirements and become accepted. That's because once admitted, a student and their family is challenged to find the funding to assure completion.


Dollars for Scholars works with the community to create scholarships that can ease the financial burden. We work with families and organizations as partners, creating meaningful scholarships that focus on specific educational and cultural objectives. In addition, Dollars for Scholars reaches out to the community through donor drives and fundraising events to build additional scholarships that are renewable up to four years. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and we are all volunteer. That allows us to maximize your donations to build scholarships.

By providing this financial assistance, we can ease the burden on students who would possibly not be able to participate in the dream of higher education.



What Can You Do

Make a Donation


Become a Volunteer

We are looking for motivated volunteers who believe in our mission and want to help us succeed. What is your passion? Promotions, event planning, fundraising, student communication? If you're as passionate about education as we are, we can use your help. You can contact us at and let us know that you support our local students and want to help.  


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Sponsor a Scholarship

You can make a difference by sponsoring a scholarship. The minimum starting amount is $1,000, but no amount is too large. You can establish your scholarship with a single donation or through multiple payments (scholarship must be fully funded by May of the award year). You can establish the purpose of the scholarship, the term and the number of years it can be awarded. Your donation is fully tax deductible (please contact your tax adviser). For more details, you can contact our president, Monica Navarrete at

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