Thank you to all of The Island Trees High School students that donated their time for service hours to help at our annual mailing event! Because of your hard work, the event was completed smoothly and in speedy time! ❤️

CONGRATS to all of the 2023 Island Trees Dollars For Scholars Recipients!!!

Alyssa Napoli Nicholas Bevinetto
Danielle Talbot Catherine Strong
Michael Rosen Paul Tromblee
Sean Maines Alyssa Edelson
Evan Ortolani John Bohmke
Alivia Agosta Aidan Gonzalez
Ella Mushorn Victoria Nenchina
Matthew Ramirez Melissa Jairam
Kayla Sivillo Tyler Dufresne
Jolianna Oliveri Valerie Chow



2024 Graduation is COMING!

Below are this Year's Available Scholarships:

Island Trees Dollars for Scholars Scholarship   

You can be a recipient too!! Application deadline is open until March 22, 2024!!! Do not wait until the last minute!!!  

Please follow the instructions below or download them here

Dollars for Scholars Application Completion Instructions

  1. Click on the Student and Parent tab.
  2. Click on the "Click to Login" blue button at the bottom of the page to log in or to create a new account.
  3. When creating a new account, please make sure to complete all the fields with a red asterisk (*)
  4. When creating a Student, please use a personal email address instead of the school issued email address.
  5. After completing all the required fields press "submit".
  6. An email from "Scholarship America" will be sent to the email address used when creating the account for you to login.  There will be a temporary password which you will have to change once you login for the first time.
  7. Log back into the Dollars for Scholars website using your email address and password.
  8. Verify all information and then press "Save and Continue" this will send you to the website's "My Dashboard" page
  9. On the "My Dashboard" page please finish completing the student profile by clicking on "Work of Profile"
  10. On the student profile please complete all the required fields marked with a red asterisk (*)
  11. On the "My Dashboard" Page on the section labeled "My Scholarship". Click on "Search for Scholarships". 
  12. At the center there is a box labeled Scholarship Chapter Additional Information.
  13. Click on the "question" button.
  14. In the text box write a 250 words or less essay answering the following question: What advice would you give to incoming freshmen about achieving academic success in High School?
  15. After completing the essay press the "Submit" button
  16. Click on Verify Eligibility.
  17. At the center of the page is a box labeled Scholarship Application Ready to Complete.
  18. Click Apply and complete the electronic signature and submit.
  19. There is a box labeled Scholarship Applied For. If you submitted correctly, it should read that there are no unsubmitted application.

If you have any questions email us at


Order your Graduate Lawn Signs by MARCH 29, 2024!    

ONLY $27 

18"x 24" All-weather Personalized Graduate Lawn Sign. To order please click on the desired Lawn Sign to download the order form and follow the instructions on the form. Please note that if payment is made via Venmo, DO NOT turn on the option "Turn on for Purchases".

Kindergarten Graduate

Sparke Moving up (1st Grade)

Stokes (4th Grade) Graduate

Island Trees Middle School Graduate

Island Trees High School Graduate


Island Trees Dollars for Scholars Shop

Keep your head warm with a Dollars for Scholars Pom Pom Hat! $ 32 Hopefully it will fit. Visit our Facebook page to purchase or pay on Venmo @Dollars4Scholars.

DO NOT turn on the option "Turn on for Purchases"

Keep yourself warm with a Dollars for Scholars Scarf cushion! $25. Visit our Facebook page to purchase or pay on Venmo @Dollars4Scholars.

DO NOT turn on the option "Turn on for Purchases"


  Dollars for Scholars umbrellas are back! High quality red and  white 62" golf umbrella with the IT logo. $37 each. Visit our Facebook page preorder or pay by Venmo @Dollars4Scholars.

DO NOT turn on the option "Turn on for Purchases"


IT Pens

Write your best story with a Dollars for Scholars Pens! $2 each or 3 or $5. Visit our Facebook page to purchase or pay on Venmo @Dollars4Scholars.

DO NOT turn on the option "Turn on for Purchases"


We Help Our Island Trees Senior Students

Island Trees Dollars for Scholars® chapter is a nonprofit organization that supports academic success for our Island Trees seniors  As part of the Scholarship America's® national network of locally based, volunteer driven Dollar for Scholars chapters, our mission is to mobilize our community on behalf of our college bound seniors who attended Island Trees High School. Dollars for Scholars chapters like Island Trees helps students achieve their educational goals by raising scholarship funds and distributing these funds each year. Students with a 85% weighted average or higher can apply for our scholarships. 

In 2023 our chapter awarded 20 scholarships totaling $10,000.


Check out News You can Use for 3 mistakes students make with scholarships

Invest in the Future

The Island Trees Scholarship Fund is a voluntary, non-profit organization established in 1984 to provide scholarship awards to graduating seniors of Island Trees High School who wish to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities. Your tax deductible contribution to Dollars for Scholars is one way for you to invest in the future. Click to donate by mail or click on the "Donate Now" tab above.

This website provides resources from our chapter to our volunteers, community and students. You can learn more about our history, goals and volunteers through the "About Us" link, and by clicking on "News and Events." Volunteers --and those who are interested in helping out --can click on the "Volunteer Login" to get connected.

Finally, if you are a student looking for scholarship dollars you can click on the "Student and Parent Login" to begin filling our the student profile. You'll also discover scholarships from across the Scholarship America network that you may be eligible for.

So get started today!

Island Trees Dollars for Scholars, 59 Straight Lane, Levittown, New York 11756


 Island Trees Students volunteered to prepare the 2023 Donation Mass Mailing. Donations can be made thru this website, check, or Venmo

Island Trees Dollars for Scholars
Scholarship America Mission Award