Equity and Inclusion Statement

Scholarship America's home state of Minnesota has been at the epicenter of a worldwide
response to discrimination and racial violence. As I think about all that has happened
since the tragic death of George Floyd, one thing is certain:while we have long supported
the values of diversity, equity and inclusion, we must redouble our efforts to ensure our
work leads to more equitable solutions for students.

Right now, we have an opportunity to listen differently and to educate ourselves more empathetically. Going forward,
we have to challenge ourselves to reach a new level of awareness, creating specific actions that deliver our mission
and values in a real way to the students that need our help the most.

Across Scholarship America and Dollars for Scholars, our mission is student success-and that means we have a
responsibility to work toward justice and equality. Our actions, both individually and collectively, can make a
difference-especially now.

Robert C. Ballard
President & CEO
Scholarship America








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